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Is Cardio Athletic Kickbox® like Tae Bo®?

Since 1994, the Cardio Athletic Kickbox workout format has been taught at Universities, Health Clubs and Corporate Fitness facilities throughout the United States, Greece, Germany, South Africa, Switzerland, and other countries. TaeBo was first introduced to the public in the Fall of 1998 as a video and is taught in TaeBo studios. The Cardio Athletic Kickbox workout smoothly incorporates athletics into the Kickboxing workout to create a new and unique workout experience. It is fun, energizing, and accommodates men and women at any fitness level from beginner to advanced. Low impact and lower intensity options are demonstrated throughout. Eversley and his team take you through an invigorating workout incorporating kicks, punches, elbows and knees, and combinations used in martial arts and boxing together with effective athletic drills. Eversley's motto is, "Lets play hard, but lets play safe®". His training in Karate, along with his strong background as a Certified Instructor recognized by the health and fitness industry, come together in the Cardio Athletic Kickboxing workout.

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How can I learn to teach Kickboxing, Mat Pilates or other types of workouts?



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Home Study Continuing Education


Mat Pilates Workshops (MPI & MPII)

Aqua Workshop (AQ)

Pilates on the Ball (PB)

Kickbox Instructor Training (KC & KW)

In-Home Personal Training (IHPT)

Seniors Exercise Instruction (SEI)

Get On The Ball Workshop (BW)

Group Cycling Workshop (CY)

Yoga Workshops (YW)

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How long are the videos/DVDs, and what do they do during the workout?

The Kickbox I video is 55 minutes, Kickbox II is 57 minutes, and the Instructor Series I video is 58 minutes.

Cardio Athletic Kickbox Video Reviews and Interviews - Click for reviews by Fitness Magazine, Billboard Magazine, etc. 

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What topics are covered in the Mat Pilates trainings?

During the workshop we will clarify the difference between sculpting, yoga and pilates.There will be a review of matwork guidelines such as posture and alignment, control, balance, concentration, stabilization, levels, breathing techniques, and contraindications. General information including appropriate music, lighting, equipment, and flooring will be discussed. Exercises that will be taught include basic stretching, exercises in the supine position, side lying, prone, resting, positions on all fours, and rolling exercises.


Is the Kickbox workout for beginners, intermediate, or advanced people?

Eversley believes that all fitness levels should be accommodated in a workout. This is one of the biggest benefits of Cardio Athletic Kickboxing over other home DVD workouts.

The Cardio Athletic Kickbox I Video is more geared to beginner/intermediate, with options for higher intensity. The combinations are easy to follow and 2 people demonstrate low impact throughout the video. The Kickbox I video is also a very fun and entertaining workout.

The Cardio Athletic Kickbox IINo Holds Barred and the Instructor Series I videos and DVDs are more intermediate/advanced workouts. All combos are done from a fighting stance for a more natural feel and flow. The combinations are more challenging, but they are broken down and cued to perfection. This makes the workout very easy to follow. Throughout each video, safety tips and correct form for various kicks and punches are given, along with options for low and moderate workout intensity to accommodate all fitness levels.


Which videos are advanced and which do you recommend for instructors?

The Kickbox II Instructor Series I, and No Holds Barred videos and DVDs are great for instructors or advanced home exercisers looking for a more challenging workout. Each are packed with combinations, athletic drills, and new ideas that can be incorporated into classes. In the Instructor Series I video, nothing is held back. There is a lot more movement, both in circles and laterally. Back kicks and other higher intensity moves are executed in the Instructor Series I video and No Holds Barred DVD. Modifications on the movements for safety and lower impact are shown throughout, along with teaching tips.


Are BTSF courses approved for CECs/CEUs?

All BTSF courses are approved for CECs and CEUs by ACE and AFAA. ACSM and NDEITA accept the ACE CECs directly. Email or visit our training page for AEA CEC information. Most other certification organization will accept the ACE approved CECs.


Can I take the certification just for the CECs and not take the exam?

Yes. Just let BTSF know ahead of time and we will not require you to take the certification exam. Attendance is required, but physical participation is not required if you only want the CECs and CEUs.


Does Eversley have a martial arts background and is he certified to teach health and fitness?

Eversley is the President of Behind the Scenes Fitness and heads up an international team of trainers that present workshops and certifications for BTSF.  He is a consultant to group fitness program directors, and is the Executive Producer and Director of the Cardio Athletic Kickbox video and DVD series. He has been a martial artist, actor and stunt performer on commercials and films for over 10 years and teaches Step, Multi-Step, Group Cycling and Cardio Athletic Kickbox classes. Eversley has a Bachelor of Science Degree and is certified by the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM), American Council On Exercise (ACE), and the Aerobics and Fitness Association of America (AFAA). 


I have been training in martial arts for several years, will this be a good workout for me?

Many martial artists use the Cardio Athletic Kickbox workout. Kicking and punching to high energy music adds a whole new dimension to their workout - FUN. The training also educates martial artists about how to train their clients who are seeking the fitness benefits of martial arts training, without the aches, pains, and injuries usually associated with matrial arts training. A goal of BTSF is to get more martial artists to enter the fitness industry and bring with them their massive and yet untapped knowledge base.  A combination of martial arts knowledge/skills together with ACE, AFAA or ACSM education is a very powerful and marketable combination which can lead to personal and professional growth.


I heard of people getting hurt doing cardio kickbox style classes. Is this a safe workout?

Eversley starts by demonstrating and teaching the basic punches and kicks. He shows the proper form to maximize muscle toning, range of motion, intensity, and safety. Eversley gives options and tips throughout the workout which allow you to "play hard" but also to "play safe".


Will I be ready to teach after taking the certification or workshops?

A certification or degree is a verification (via some form of exam) that someone has been presented with a certain amount of general information necessary to progress in their chosen profession.  It is up to the individual to practice and receive enough training to effectively perform their job, and that applies to any profession.  The persons hiring  have to decide if the individual is ready to teach at their facility.  


What should I expect during a training?

Expect a BTSF certification or workshop to be packed with a heavy duty dose of stuff you can actually use in your group exercise classes or personal training sessions.  Our trainers are required to be specialists in the trainings they present, and will provide individualized tips and corrections, options for different fitness levels, and instructional techniques. We try to get training participants to experience the right and wrong ways of executing movements as opposed to just teaching the correct way. In a controlled environment, they can experience the things which can result in pain or injury to their class participants. We believe that you have to be aware of, understand, and know how to correct/acknowledge the good and bad.


Why does BTSF not teach anatomy at the certification?

We have not found a good reason to give a "token" anatomy lesson as part of a training?  That is covered quite thoroughly along with conditions and complications (injuries, treatment, diseases, risk factors, etc) in the ACE, ACSM and AFAA primary certifications. This is a business and a certain amount of education and training in your chosen field is required. We refer participants to those certifications for anatomy and general fitness knowledge. 


Is the music on the videos and DVDs any good?

Yes!!!  It is not the usual 'generic' workout music. It is high energy instrumental dance music.


Do I need any equipment to do the Cardio Athletic Kickboxing Workout?

No equipment is necessary.
Video Reviews - Click for reviews by Fitness Magazine, Billboard Magazine, etc. 


International - Will the videos and DVDs play in my VCR or DVD player in Europe, UK, etc?

The Cardio Athletic Kickboxing videos are available in VHS PAL format for Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom and most other countries. DVDs in PAL format are also available. Click on the following link for complete listing of countries and ordering information. International Orders (VHS PAL Format, Europe, UK)

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Is it safe to use my credit card on the internet?

Yes, it is safe to use your credit card. All of our credit card transactions take place on a secure server. Behind The Scenes Fitness uses Authorize.Net real-time transaction processing system. On the front end (data received from the Internet on the Authorize.Net transaction server), data transport encryption is currently RSA certified 40 bit encryption using Secure Socket Layer (SSL). When in a non-secure environment the URL will be "http://". When in a Secure environment you will see the URL change to "https://". You should not enter your credit card number unless you see the 's' appear in the URL "https://" which will show you are currently in a secure environment.


By when will my order be delivered?

Orders are shipped via the US Postal Service the Monday of the week following when the order was placed.  Expect the Postal Service to take 3 days to 4 weeks for delivery depending on shipping method selected.


What is your refund policy?

Damaged or defective videos will be replaced immediately if returned to Behind The Scenes Fitness within 30 days from the invoice date. Our standard policy is to not accept non-defective video/DVD returns. Our own experience plus Anti-piracy regulation require this because videos can be copied. We do want our customers to be satisified so if you have a specific problem with a video, please contact Behind The Scenes Fitness to resolve your situation. Shipping and handling charges are not refundable. 



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