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Cardio Athletic Kickbox (VHS)
  Quantity:  _____          Price:   $12.95 

Cardio Athletic Kickbox II - Play Hard...(DVD) 
  Quantity:  _____          Price:   $19.95  

Cardio Athletic Kickbox II - Play Hard...(VHS) 
  Quantity:  _____          Price:   $16.95   

Kickbox I and Kickbox II - 2 Video Set (Free t- shirt)
  Quantity:  _____          Price:   $29.95 

Kickbox Video Gift Set - 3 VHS Videos (Free t- shirt)
  Quantity:  _____          Price:   $39.95 (Save $10.00)

Cardio Athletic Kickbox - No Holds Barred (DVD)

  Quantity:  _____          Price:   $19.95 

Cardio Athletic Kickbox Instructor Series I (VHS)

(DVD is entitled "No Holds Barred")
  Quantity:  _____          Price:   $16.95 

Hatha Vinyasa Yoga (VHS)
  Quantity:  _____          Price:   $24.95   


VHS PAL For Europe, United Kingdom, 

Australia, etc: Add $3.00 per video 
  Quantity:  _____          Price:   $3.00   



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Behind the Scenes Fitness  
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