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Cardio Athletic Kickbox Instructor Series 1 (VHS)
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The Cardio Athletic Kickbox Instructor Series I video is geared to group fitness instructors, trainers, and advanced home exercisers looking for new challenging ideas and choreography to incorporate into their classes or personal home workouts.

The video starts with a demo of the jab, cross, hook, upper cut, front kick, round kick, side and back kicks. Proper form is shown for each as well as tips for injury prevention. There is a review and demo of lateral movement footwork drills and jumps. These athletic movements are incorporated throughout the Cardio Athletic Kickbox Instructor Series I video.

The workout then starts with a sport specific warmup to prepare you for the workout.

"Lets Play Hard, but Lets Play Safe" is the theme of this challenging and energetic kickbox video. Backed by an adrenaline pumping music soundtrack, Eversley and his team take you through an intermediate/advanced workout which is taught as he would instruct his real life Master Classes. No punches are pulled and the format of Eversley's 'live' classes is maintained for the complete feel of the Cardio Athletic Kickbox workout. All combos are done from a fighting stance to create a more natural feel and flow. Hand/elbow combinations are introduced, followed by knee/kick combinations. These are then combined to create more advanced routines. Even the most advanced combinations in the video are cued to perfection, explained, and presented so even beginner/intermediate exercisers can follow. One of the team members is dedicated throughout the workout to doing low impact and lower intensity variations on all of the combinations and athletic drills. Additional techniques are presented during the cooldown and stretch.

The choreography in in this video is different from that presented at instructor trainings and Master Classes, so expect a 'flood' of new ideas in this teriffic calorie and fat burning total body workout.

The Cardio Athletic Kickbox Instructor Series I video is a must have for fitness enthusiasts, instructors and trainers.

The video is approximately 58 minutes, VHS (Also available in DVD and PAL format).