Whether you are brand new to trading or have experience, we can help you become more consistently profitable.  We want you to become confident without having fear of significant financial losses, by having a plan going forward which you can easily implement, and to have expectations of annual profitability.   We will work with you one on one over several months to achieve these goals.  

Eversley Forte coaches new traders and even experienced traders looking for 100% objective rules based swing trading methods which are easy to understand and implement using Forex, ETFs, or Options on ETFs.  Option trades on ETFs (Calls and Puts only - no spreads and no adjustments) along with the Forex trades, will feature 100% technical methods that have been in use successfully for years.

With 1-on-1 coaching, we can help to reduce the learning curve from 2-4 years, down to 6-9 months.  

Please call or email with any questions, and to discuss your specific situation and trading goals.  We can work on a plan to achieve those goals.  The link to the contact form is at the top of this page, along with links to information about what we trade and the private coaching program.


Eversley Forte


Eversley Forte Bio:

In 2009, Eversley transitioned from being a Senior Software Engineer at Lockheed Martin, to being a full time trader (full time trader means less than 1 hour per day).  Eversley is now a pure directional rules based system trader.  He only buys Calls and Puts (no spreads), and swing trades Forex on daily charts per defined criteria.  With lots of free time, he teaches Kickboxing classes, trains in Brazilian Jiu-jitsu and Parkour, provides private mentoring for traders, and is active in local government as a Commissioner in the City of Santa Clara, CA. 

A live group training was recorded where Eversley reviews a trading strategy, along with the expected profitability.   That free video can be viewed at the following website.  The video also details some of Eversley's trading background with both Forex and options. 

Video link:

Our live group meetings - Bay Area Options and Forex Swing Traders: